The key aims of the BDS Campaign are for the University to:

  1. Divest from companies that participate in and profit from Israel’s violations of international law.
  2. Pledge to boycott the products of Hewlett-Packard both for its involvement in the prison-industrial system and ICE.
  3. Pledge to boycott the security firm G4S.
  4. Dissolve their partnership with all Israeli institutions complicit with Israel’s war crimes, including Technion, Weizmann Institute and Hebrew university at the earliest opportunity.
  5. Renew their partnership with An-Najah University based in the West Bank, Palestine
  6. Provide a certain number of annual scholarships for students from An-Najah University to study in the University of Manchester.

The university must uphold their ‘socially responsible’ investment policy. An ethical change in the university’s institutional and investment links and the adoption of the BDS policy from both the Students Union and the University will ensure the university acts within its guiding principles and values which states: “We will be an ethical organisation with exemplary policies and procedures which will lead to the highest standards in all our activities”(University of Manchester’s Strategic Plan 2020)

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