PROTEST: Apartheid Off Campus!

The University of Manchester has been colluding with the Israeli embassy over events ran by the student BDS campaign. A British university should not be engaging in such discussions with any Foreign government, especially Israel.

Guardian article:

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The Tab:

Many students at the university of Manchester are of Palestinian origin, and such meetings with the Israeli embassy over a campaign in support of Palestinian human rights is a mockery of the suffering Palestinians have faced under Israel’s apartheid regime and violates all ‘social responsibility’ ethics preached by the University of Manchester.

Our campaign demands the university end all ties to Israel’s apartheid regime, which includes their investments in companies such as Caterpillar. Caterpillar continues to supply armoured bulldozers specifically for the Israeli army, used to demolish Palestinian homes.

Israel has been systematically ethnically cleansing the Palestinians for almost seven decades, while imposing a regime of apartheid to separate and subjugate those Palestinians that remain. Anti-Apartheid hero and Nobel Peace prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been to Palestine and described it in parts as “worse” than Apartheid South Africa, calling for similar Boycott Divestment and Sanctions that helped end it. Palestinian citizens within Israel face more than 50 laws which discriminate against them. Israel has continued to hold Palestinian civilians in Gaza under a blockade for over a decade, restricting the population from basic goods, clean water and electricity. In their last attack on Gaza, which targeted civilian infrastructure, over 2000 Palestinians, including over 500 children were murdered. Israel continues to commit war crimes, which also include the constant demolition of Palestinian homes within Palestinian territory, to expand their illegal Israeli settlements.

Yet, our university remains deeply linked to Israel’s continuing crimes against humanity through their investment and institutional links.

Join us on October 4th, as the University of Manchester board of governors meets, to demand that the University end all links with Israel’s war crimes including divestment from companies that are complicit in human rights abuses!

Stand for justice and join us at the #ApartheidOffCampus protest.