The organisers have cancelled the Balfour “celebrations” event at the University of Manchester and relocated to another venue in Manchester. Although this is a great victory for our campaign, the university itself did not cancel it and was from the beginning happy to host this celebration having had communications with the Israeli embassy. There has been increasing conditions imposed on Palestinian student activists and the University’s connections and investments in the Israeli arms trade remain to this day. It was the targeted campaign and pressure from students and concerned individuals that managed to drive the Balfour celebrations off campus. Therefore we will begin the protest at the University of Manchester – Whitworth Hall at 5.30pm and proceed to march to the new location. We ask you to share this and most importantly bring as many people as you can Tuesday 31st October at 5:30pm, Whitworth Hall, Oxford Road, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, M13 9PL


UoM BDS Campaign

Manchester Palestine Action

Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine

Palestinian community in Manchester

Manchester Fight Racism Fight Imperialism!

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