On the 27th July 2013, researchers from The University of Manchester and Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology announced that they would work together in partnership in genetic medicine, cardiovascular medicine and stem cell research. This resulted in a memorandum being signed, collaborating the University of Manchester and Technion Institute of Technology.

Education and research at the Technion is focused on the development of hi-tech weaponry, serving as an incubator for the Israeli military-industrial complex, and developing technologies.

Technion is notorious for developing CATERPILLAR D-9 bulldozers for the Israeli Army that are used for the systematic demolition of Palestinian homes and were used during Operation: Cast Lead that killed over 1,400 Palestinians. The Institution is a leader in drone technology which Israel has used to protract its illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories and its relationship with Israeli arm companies, Rafael and Elbit, are testament to its impenetrable military ties.

In short, and to quote a piece in The Nation, ‘Technion conducts research and development into military technology that Israel relies on to sustain its occupation of Palestinian land.’

We oppose any research partnership with The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology who design military, surveillance, and security equipment, which directly contribute to violations of international humanitarian law.